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You offer services such as decoration or organization of ceremonies, styling, African hairstyle, African restaurant, Afroshop, and want to make you know all? Take advantage of the advertising space available on Miesaa.com. → (Ad on Miesaa).
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Discover and share the richness of African creativity - according to your preference and taste.

Miesaa.com, your African marketplace, enables an easy way to buy or sell products inspired by African history. Over the century the Kemite population has created and used many interesting objects. Nowadays, their stories are present in clothes like Kaba dresses, dashiki, scarves. You can also find accessories for your hair, earrings, necklaces, or watches with tribal patterns. Nappy or curly hairs can find a lot of natural oils and powders for healthy growing hairs. Many writers are also influenced in their books about African history, African education, African languages, entrepreneurship, and finance on the continent. The tradition goes over the art and culture with masks and pottery. (Spicy) meals and drinks are one of the most traditional habits that people carry on all over the world. Seasonings for cooking can be sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. Your African marketplace.
Products for (your) kids (like dolls, books, Kaba, and other clothes) are meant to be useful for the building of knowledge about the African culture. It is also about knowing and loving yourself through illustrations and objects intended for your skin, your hair, and your needs. Innovation happens every day on the African continent. Miesaa.com, your African marketplace gives its best to make it available for you, all around the world.
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